Zest For Cooking

Do you feel like you don’t have time to cook but you are hungry and so you are just tempted to eat out or go to the grocery and next thing you know you eat a lot of junk food. It’s ok, same here, it happens sometimes.

If we enjoy eating we should love to cook or I should say we love to eat so we should enjoy cooking. No matter how we feel today find anything that will motivate us to cook

It’s good to treat ourselves once in a while to eat out gourmet food but if its everyday that cost a lot. So i guess this is the first thing that motivates me to cook. I could list a lot of reason here why i would rather cook my own food.

Living in Malaysia, the SouthEast Asia food paradise, for almost two years really made a huge impact on why we are so eager to cook our own food. We dont live there anymore and to find for that kind of food is not the same where we live now. And that’s where we started cooking more and more. Craving satisfied! 🙂

So let’s get started and have that zest for cooking even if we don’t feel like doing it, coz at the end you will say, oh I’m glad I did it, this is sooo yummy!

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