Why not try Charter Fishing

Do you like fishing and want to level up from shore fishing to a  fishing trip of your dreams. While fishing is always fun on shoreline, dock fishing or any type of fishing with your own fishing boat, it’s worth the time and money you spend to experience fishing on a charter boat.

Probably the major thing that stopping you to do charter fishing is the cost. Yes it can get expensive but the cost vary significantly depending on the location of the fishing charter, the size of your party, how long will you spend your time on the water and what type of boat.

You might have a list of pros and cons and  you are on the point of to go or not to go decision. If this is on your bucket list, call  your friends and family and make it an outing fishing adventure. Sharing the charter is a great way to save and spend great experience with them.  

We are sharing this based on our experience. At first, i’m very skeptical to do stuff like that if it involves money and no guarantee of catching any. The practicality or should i say stinginess is coming out from me hahaha. But now, I’m telling you it’s worth a try. 

Taking advantage of a fishing charter service will help you make the most of your day a lot more fun and stress-free offshore fishing day. They will take care everything for you, from fish finders, fishing equipment and cleaning your catches. All you have to do is reel in that big fish.

If you are still skeptical because you are a newbie, don’t worry  because no prior fishing experience is necessary. But of course a bit of research on what charter, location and type of fish you want to meet your expectations.

Now that you pick the charter, location and you are ready to go fishing with your buddies, don’t forget to bring these items with you.

  • Cooler (40-90 qt) with ice to transport your catch
  • Food and drinks. Alcohol is allowed, bottles okay but cans are preferred
  • Warm clothing, it’s usually a lot cooler on the water
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Rain gear, if rain is in the forecast
  • Soft-soled shoes.  If the weather looks warm and you plan on wearing shorts, pack a pair of long pants.
  • And take motion sickness medicine before riding the boat is a big help in case.

Have a great time and rewarding fishing experience!


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